The website of Caleb Waldorf


I am an artist living in Berlin. Working with writers, artists, curators, educators, designers, and software engineers, I have initiated and helped develop publishing frameworks, educational platforms, and online archives.

My latest project is the fourth iteration of Triple Canopy, an online magazine that produces artistic and literary works, which I co-founded in 2007. The new website—created in collaboration with Astrom / Zimmer & Tereszkiewicz—offers a new perspective and access to the publication’s archive, while also improving the coherence of future publishing activities. Released with the launch of the new site, is an updated version of b-ber—a method and open-source application for producing publications in a variety of formats from a single source.

Around the same time that Triple Canopy launched its first issue, nearly sixteen years ago, I also began working on The Public School, an initiative that originated at Telic Arts Exchange in Los Angeles. The Public School operated without a traditional curriculum, lacked accreditation, did not offer degrees, and had no ties to the public school system. (After a few years in Los Angeles, the school spread to other cities.) I served on the committee of The Public School Los Angeles and The Public School Berlin and worked on the platform’s concept, methodology, and associated design and software development. By the end of the project, there had been more than two thousand proposals for things that people wanted to learn, teach, or see happen. These proposals were turned into hundreds of classes and thousands of meetings across three continents over a period of eight years.

Concurrently with time devoted to Triple Canopy and The Public School, I have collaborated on other projects, some self-initiated, some with existing institutions. A few highlights include: A Public Library, a space for conversations, presentations, the sharing of resources, and for collective reading, viewing, and learning, that was located within a city library, the Bona-Peiser-Bibliothek in Berlin; post at MoMA, originally conceived as an online hybrid of an archive, publication platform, and participatory network; and Version, an online journal for short-form writing and media work. I’ve also had the opportunity to participate in conversations, workshops, and lecture at many institutions.

Thank you for visiting, and please get in touch to find out more about my work or to say hello.