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Organized by Sean Dockray, Caleb Waldorf and Fiona Whitton

Deadlock: perpetual war, failing economies, the crumbling of education, capitalist realism, our environment in ruin, hostility everywhere.

Resistance? Confrontation? Insurrection?

Exodus: silence, autonomy, occupation, withdrawl, invisibility, friendship.

The Public School is organizing a 13-day seminar, meeting each day at a different location in Berlin. This seminar takes the form of an open reading group, where the texts discussed each day resonate with the site selected. On 18 July The Public School and The Office will host an event to be held at Salon Populaire. The day will unfold as a series of participatory conversations and workshops.

Please join us in Berlin or at The Public School to sketch, scheme and build new imaginaries. (Los Angeles, Philadelphia, New York, Brussels, Paris, San Juan, Helsinki)

Please signup to our mailing list here to receive information on the events and to follow the conversation.

Space will be limited for the reading group and the event on the 18th. Please let us know if you plan on attending. In the event that too many people want to participate, we will adjust our program to accommodate as many as possible. Those who can attend the entire seminar will get priority. Please let us know by filling out the form below. All locations shown are tentative and will be confirmed by email to the people who have signed up below.

Politics of the Common
Michael Hardt
Life in Limbo
Turbulence Editors
Communique from an absent future
Research and Destroy
Prolegomena to Any Future Philosophy
Nathan Brown, Marija Cetinić, Gopal Balakrishnan, Aaron Benanav, Jasper Bernes, Chris Chen, Joshua Clover, Maya Gonzalez, Timothy Kreiner, Laura Martin, Jason Smith, Evan Calder Williams
Intellectuals and Power
Michel Foucault + Gilles Delueze
Quitting: A Conversation with Alex Koch on the Paradoxes of Dropping Out
Stephen Wright + Alex Koch with a response by Brian Holmes
Sigfried Kracauer
Who Cares
DOUG ASHFORD, moderator
Please note: This is a dinner so space will be extremely limited. Please be sure to let us know if you want to attend in the form below and we'll try and reserve a spot for you. There will be an after event that will be open to all beginning at 9:30pm.
Event If it happens, it happens. If it doesn't, it doesn't.
Hosted by The Public School & The Office