On Resentment @ transmediale. Berlin, Germany

Triple Canopy workshop organized as part of transmediale’s 2018 festival, face value.

Resentment is perhaps the predominant affect of today. Much has been made of it on the internet, both as an expression and an experience, even more so with respect to its fundamental role in the surge of right-wing populism in the US and Europe. This, however, may be an all too simplistic account, as it casts resentment as the province of straight white men—as well as an excessive, selfish, and irresponsible feeling to have and express. As part of Triple Canopy’s 25th issue, which will be on the topic of resentment, this workshop aims to address the following questions: Who has a right to be resentful? How is resentment stoked and policed, and how does it circulate among intimates and on larger scales? Can—or should—resentment be useful? How can it serve as a basis for describing a growing community, for cultivating a public? The session will involve an introduction to the topic, short statements by guest participants, readings, video excerpts, and open discussions.

Participants: Triple Canopy (Matthew Shen Goodman, Caleb Waldorf), Aria Dean, Ana Teixeira Pinto, Michelle Williams Gamaker.

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