The Shock of Victory Symposium @ CCA. Glasgow, Scotland.

25 September 2015
With In the Shadow of the Hand, Sacha Kahir, Latitudes, Angeliki Roussou, Caleb Waldorf, and WHW (What, How and For Whom?)

Accompanying the exhibition The Shock of Victory, this symposium allows for a timely re-consideration of the complexities of the relations between alternative and established (art) institutions that might have been sparked by political moments such as the Scottish Independence Referendum of 2014.

The underpinning emphasis is on the ‘organisational turn’, a shift from hierarchical to self-organised models of organisation. In particular the focus is on the potency of radical (artistic) practices and ideas, which propose imaginative ways of organising – collectivism, anarchism, activism, networks, and self-organising. Can we think of a new artistic landscape that might have been formed?

We have invited international and local curators, artists and academics to think and speak with us on issues of self-determination, empowerment and participation and whether we can we learn from the Independence Referendum in which we saw these structures (re)surfacing or possibly being damaged. How do we organise ourselves in such times?

Organised in partnership with the University of Edinburgh.
Co-convened by Dr Deborah Jackson
Funded by The University of Edinburgh’s Innovation Initiative Grant.

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