Third, fourth and fifth spaces-Curatorial practices in new public and social (digital) spaces @ Migros Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst. Zurich, Switzerland.

November, 8-9, 2013, Migros Museum fuer Gegenwartskunst, Zurich.

The symposium will present and discuss current practices of reading, researching, publishing, and curating that have been enabled by the internet and its social technologies; while exploring new formats and advocating the open circulation of knowledge. An emphasis will be placed on contemporary artistic and curatorial practices as being temporary effects of processes of negotiation between subjects, contexts and their relations. How do the proposed new public and social spaces appropriate the territories designated online (and paper) formats of magazines for creative formats of display, criticism, participation, narration and positioning?

The encompassing title “Third, fourth and fifth spaces” marks the trajectory back and fourth from the academic-driven notion of curatorship towards curating and curatorial practices and, consequently, a democratic approach to knowledge and culture despite the commodification of education and the festivalisation of art events. We wish to look at the practices that reassess this notion today and are situated by its urgent (geo)political, humanistic, instigating and controversial potentialities. As well as practices that are informed by subjective drives, subversions, opacities, risks, desires, beliefs and solidarities. We would like to discuss how subjects are positioned in these forms of editorial processes, as producers and as publics who are becoming interchangeable, how affects and participation are positioned and which new forms developed recently.

Concept: Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez (Manifesta foundation, Manifesta Journal) & Dorothee Richter (ZHDK, Postgraduate Programme in Curating, ICS & University of Reading,

Panellists: Sepake Angiama, Michael Birchall, Virginie Bobin, Florian Dombois, Marc Herbst, Roberto Jacoby, Jepchumba, Dominique Lämmli, Nataša Petrešin-Bachelez, Kristina Lee Podesva, Dorothee Richter, Alun Rowlands, Sigrid Schade, Christoph Schenker, Michael Schwab, Silvia Simoncelli, Ashok Sukumaran, Caleb Waldorf, Aaajiao (XU Wenkai).