Alternative to What? @ Tate Modern. London, UK.

3 December 2012
Tate Modern, Starr Auditorium

This roundtable brings together speakers from established and emerging education initiatives to share their practice and experiences in devising and running so-called alternative education platforms. These include artist-led schools, community initiatives and institutional platforms, with discussions focusing on the history and contexts of self-organised models of education, the political and pedagogical tactics they employ, and their relationship to mainstream education.

The first panel chaired by Sam Thorne (Associate Editor, Frieze) will query the notion of the alternative, exploring the history and legacy of self-organised education platforms and situating current initiatives in the context of alternative art schools and grassroots projects. Speakers on this panel are Caleb Waldorf (The Public School Berlin), Penny Evans (Assistant Director at Knowle West Media Centre), and Laura Marziale (Community Education and Employment Team Coordinator, The Migrant Resource Centre).