Learning Together - Collectives, Open Structures and Self-Organization @ Cezayir Büyük Salon. Istanbul, Turkey.

A two-day program focusing on alternative forms of knowledge production and sharing aims to bring together people who have experience or interest in the topics either in institutional settings or through independent platforms and collectives. Potentials of collaborative approach, in educational alternative organizations and in art practices, seem to emerge as a common thread for the presentations and talks. The meetings that will be held during the workshop and the conference aim to open up discussions about art education and invite to imagine other forms of learning initiatives and ways of self-organization.

The panel discussion and workshop are organized as part of Expanded(art)School project developed together by Aslı Çetinkaya (ortak müfredat - Istanbul) and Marina Sorbello (uqbar – Berlin) as partners of the Tandem Turkey – Cultural Managers Exchange Program.

Workshop: 21 March 2012 @ 14:00-17:00 Self Organized Knowledge: Generating Ideas, Proposals, Dissent (with Caleb Waldorf, Naomi Hennig, Johannes Paul Raether) Halı Atölyesi, Fındıklı

Panel : 22 March 2012 @ 14:00-19:00
Cezayir Büyük Salon,
Hayriye Caddesi 12, Galatasaray, Beyoğlu

14:00-14:30 Introduction by Aslı Çetinkaya (ortak müfredat, Istanbul) and Marina Sorbello (uqbar, Berlin)

Naomi Hennig will give a subjective account of her experience of self-organized education, speaking of recent activities and the history of the autonomous student organization Interflugs at the University of Arts, Berlin. In her presentation Henning will attempt to locate these activities within a wider discourse on self-organization, collectivity in cultural production and critique of the educational sector, aware of the limitations of describing the life of a collective social organism through an individual voice.

Ha za vu zu + atılkunst together with students who participated in Garip bir Pandik project will talk about their own practices and how this particular project came out within a conventionally structured educational institution. The two collectives have collaborated a number of times for other projects and events.

Johannes Paul Raether will discuss his collective and individual performative practices in the context of self-organised structures. Whether in art school or in a local context of the city, artists’ organisations can be seen not only as tools to voice common interests, build a community and serve as structural alternatives to the market and state-funded institutions, but also as a rich context, where collective as well as individual performative artistic practices can develop from. While “performance” as well as “the collective” are heavily branded and circulated in the market and institution, the question also remains on how to organize self-institutions as means to sustain an experimental, socially engaged, locally integrated “artistic politicality” instead of being flown around the network of a genre called “political art” which structurally tends to repeat the forms and notions of national and capitalist culture production.

Caleb Waldorf will talk about The Public School which is an open framework for pedagogy started in 2008 in Los Angeles by Telic Arts Exchange. It is a school with no curriculum that works by members of the public proposing things they want to learn or to teach. Once interest has been expressed, the school then organizes and offers the class to the public. Since the school began, it has multiplied to ten cities and contracted from two. I will discuss the history of the project, its mechanics, material infrastructure and the next instantiation of the platform.

Panel discussion with all participants, Q&A session