post (The Museum of Modern Art)

post is a site for encounters between the established and experimental, the historical and emerging, the local and global, the scholarly and artistic. An online journal, archive, exhibition space, and open forum that takes advantage of the nonhierarchical nature of the Internet, post seeks to spark in-depth explorations of the ways in which modernism is being redefined. The site’s contents are intended to build nuanced understandings of the histories that shape the practices of artists and institutions today. As a networked platform, post aims to provide an alternative to the model of a unified art historical narrative.

post begins as the public face of C-MAP, a cross-departmental research program launched in 2009 to expand our reading of art history and, consequently, what we do at MoMA. The scope and methodologies of C-MAP research question the judgments that grow out of the assumption that artistic modernism is or was determined only by the Western European and North American narratives of early twentieth-century avant-gardes. The aim of C-MAP is to understand more fully the historical imperatives and changing conditions of transnational networks of artistic practice and to seek verbal and material accounts of histories that often have been little known outside their countries of origin.

The post platform was conceived in collaboration with Caleb Waldorf. post was designed and developed by TC Labs.